Things to remember before installing Ubuntu

If one followed the steps carefully, there shouldn't be any problem. However there are few common nuts and bolts which will make your installation a nightmare. Getting the perfect Linux installation without any error in first attempt is a rare achievement. You can have the installation without any complications if you just take care of given points -

1.Partition problems: One must empty the drive in which Ubuntu is to be installed and one must remember its size, because at the time of installation, you will see the drive name as sda1,sda2 etc. One can only differentiate if they know the partition size. The most common error is that whole hard disk gets formated.

2.Boot loader installation issue: The most common issue during installation is the corrupted boot loader installation which may show you the blank screen after installation. At that point you have to install the grub or boot loader manually. You must note down the steps to install the boot loader before installing a Linux distribution. See here to see how to install the grub from Ubuntu server CD or See the steps to install the Grub or boot loader from Ubuntu Desktop CD.

3.CD/DVD defects : One must check the CD/DVD for defects before starting the install. CD/DVD defects detecting option are available in CD/DVD when you boot from it. Also do check the MD5 or SHA checksum for the ISO images before burning.

4.Power supply : This is the point that most of the time goes unnoticed. Do make sure that power doesn't get interrupted during installation. The worst case is a power failure when bootloader is being installed. The solution is simple. Get a power supply backup and it should last long enough.

Now you are ready to get a perfect Ubuntu installation. See Here for step by step Ubuntu installation with graphics.


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