Install Ubuntu 11.10 and Windows dual boot installation

To install Ubuntu 11.10 dual boot on your system.

This Linux Ubuntu installation demo has been done on virtual machine (virtual Box) by installing Ubuntu inside windows 7.
But before installing Linux Ubuntu, you must see Things to remember before installing Ubuntu to make your Ubuntu installation a perfect one.. These notes are of great importance also for people switching from Windows to Linux dual boot or Ubuntu dual boot operating systems (OS).
A very similar procedure can be applied for installing other Linux based operating systems.

Boot through the Live CD or Live USB .Click Install Ubuntu.

Select first option for deleting all other OS and installing Ubuntu as the only OS. Select next option "Something else" for dual boot with window7, Vista & XP.

Select drive in which Ubuntu is to be installed and Click "New Partition table" to make a separate drive for Ubuntu. Empty any drive before through window to prevent data loss.

In this window specify the space you want for Ubuntu (at least 5GB). Select Location as "Beginning"select "Ext4 journaling file system" in "Use as" option. Select  Mount point  "/". It is use as root directory of Ubuntu. Click "OK".

Now Select the option for "Device for boot loader installation". Select the first option in the list. That will show the whole hard disk of your system.

You can also create a Swap partition for Ubuntu. This Swap area act as a physical memory. This is optional if you have large RAM memory. Select any partition and click on "New partition table".

 After creating the SWAP area. Click on "Install Now".

Before this window other window will appear asking for keyboard layout. Select the correct layout of your window in my case it is USA layout. In this window select the corresponding timezone. Now Click "Forward".

                                    Fill the form and click next.

And you are done.

The most common and general error occuring after installing Ubuntu is that of the missing Grub. You may get a blank screen when you restart your system which says "Grub rescue".
Don't panic. It is not the case of faulty Ubuntu installation, just follow the given link - Grub rescue.


thanks for Ubuntu installation instruction with screenshots..

I'm going to dual install ubuntu and vista on my laptop toninght. But am I going to be able to use some directorys in Windows and in Ubuntu. Like my documents, music, videos and stuff..


You can access all files of windows from Ubuntu but you cannot access Ubuntu system files and home directory from Windows.

ow thats bad.. Really no work around? even if it's one folder it would be good. So if I'm in Windows I can pull out some workfiles...


Dual boot with windows 7 just DOESN'T work. Windows 7 won't allow GRUB to do its thing.

you have to install the Windows first and Ubuntu.
If you install Ubuntu first and then Windows then Windows will remove the grub from the system.

Can I install a real Ubuntu with dual boot when I already have wubi installed with Windows Vista?

Thanks to the installation guide line! it's very helpful for me! Anyway i am wondering that my pc will run slow after add up Ubuntu!!! that is my concern!

Installing Ubuntu will not effect PC speed. Both OS will run as usual.

my windows 7 is not working when i installed ubuntu 11.10..when i press enter on windows 7 on boot screen it doesn't start and boot screen come how can i use both os...

Ext2Read should make it possible to read ext4 files on windows. I know it works with Windows 7, not so sure about the others since I didn't try them.

in boot menu what option do i select

Select the very first option in grub menu.
It will have Ubuntu(kernel version).

Am not able get dual boot options after installing ubuntu along side windows 7 on my Dell studio

Are you getting missing grub option or its directly login into windows 7.

i hv installed ubuntu 11.10 as mentioned here but now i am unable to access windows 7... plz suggest what should i do now

Are you getting Grub rescue or Grub missing or a blank screen if yes then check this
if any thing else then post back

no such problem is there...only the problem i'm facing is that i am unable to access windows

In the grub menu are you getting the Windows 7 option.
If not then you may have overwrite ur Ubuntu installation on Windows

i think i have overwrite ubunu on windows...thnx Sidh for ur suggestions

is it recommended to go for dual booting?

what I would like to know is once I install ubuntu via dual boot method how can I access my windows files such as music, pics, etc within ubuntu? Is this possible?

Yes, one can easily access the Windows file and folder through Ubuntu. Only thing is that you cannot run the windows application in Ubuntu

i have used ubuntu once and i felt stuck on its program which not a lot i though..

Can you give the steps to install Ubuntu (say 11.10 or 12.04- due) in a separate partition alongside windows7 by partitioning the hard disc and not run Ubuntu in a virtual box. I am asking this as my knowledge computers, booting etc is rather low and desktop users are likely to do it only once in a way and not remember how exactly it was done

The similar method can be used to install Ubuntu on separate partition with Windows only thing you have to consider is you have to choose your disk partition at time of installing. As it is not possible to take the screen shots while dual booting, so I have done this on virtual box.

I don't know when I will get a reply here, but let's try...

I had Windows Vista installed and had separated a primary partition for Ubuntu 11.10. Yesterday I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in that partition. I re-partitioned it into 3 more partitions for root with Ext3, home with Ext3 and swap. I selected /dev/sda as the location for bootloader installation. Windows partitions were not even touched. Ubuntu installed just fine, but I can no more boot into Vista. I can still see all the Windows files in the NTFS partitions within Ubuntu, but there's no option to select Windows at boot time. The Repair Windows utility on the Vista re-installation disc says something like corrupt system disc.

I've even tried re-installing Vista using the OS DVD, to the same NTFS partition it resided in. Now it says 'Windows can't find a suitable partition to install'.

Any help please? What went wrong?

Bro. All your steps seems to be fine. Even I too seeing such problem. try to get the Windows 7 install in your system. Try to format the Windows partition drive before installing it through the Windows 7 DVD. Hope this help

Hi sidh...i hav installed ubntu 11 over windows7 with starting installation option "install ubntu with windows7 side by side".ubntu is working bt windows7 is not starting with dual boot loader option...when i trying to use win7 it reboot and again grub screen shows, and when i trying to install win7 with installation DVD,no drives were present to install d win7...and demanding for drivers for drive...and when i trying to reinstall ubntu with "something else option" the drives for windows(with NTFS file system) are showing there...and except some space all space are showing as unallocated space......i want to recover my windows data and there any possibility for this ?..plz suggest me....

I just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10. How do I access Windows files on this dual boot Win 7 System? It used to be "Places". Also I freeze the curser every time I go into search and have to use ctrl-alt-del to log out & get it back

OK, I found the "GO" and selected the Computer to get to the Windows files, but it's still hanging every time I type into a search box. It's a laptop that was performing exceptionally well with the previous version of Ubuntu... Thanks!

hi guys, i want to use windows bootmanager to dualboot between
window 7 and ubuntu 11.10 with win 7 as first choice like this:

windows 7

i hate the one where ubuntu takes the first four slots like this:

memory test
memory test
windows 7

Hi, Thanks for nice presentation of installation.
I have installed ubuntu on my laptop along with Windows 7(already exists). I got a message installation done successfully and asked for Restart. After restart its booting only for windows and no booting option has shown for Ubuntu. After its done, the partition which is allocated for Ubuntu doesn't appeared.
Please suggest me a solution for this.
Thanks in advance.

Codu banave ? sui ja

Windows 7 is the best windows for laptop according to my point of view.

hi..Im student from Informatics engineering, this article is very informative, thanks for sharing :)

Windows 7 for ACER laptop is the best and awesome.ucuz iphone

help me for installing ubuntu 11.10 alongside with windows 7
because ,when i install ubuntu the alongside option was disalocated
plese help for installation of ubuntu 11.10

Great and impressive blog. Keep me more updates in future.
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