How to use or connect Tata Photon Plus on Ubuntu

Connecting Tata Photon Plus to Ubuntu 11.04 and above

Most of the times, Tata Photon Plus gets automatically detected in Ubuntu. But in some cases if Tata photon plus is not detected in Ubuntu then simply follow the following steps:
1. Insert the Tata photon plus in USB port.
2. Click on the Network manager icon and select "Edit connections".
3. Go to "Mobile broadband" tab and click on the Add button.
3. If the wizard shows you the name of the detected device, then bingo! Otherwise, you might need to take some extra measures to make that happen.

If the Tata photon+ is not detected then go to terminal and type the following command.

$sudo usb_modeswitch -c /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446

If the problem still exists then do post your queries as comments below.


Hi there,

I am using Ubuntu 11.04. And it simply will not detect my Tata Photon + device no matter what I do. I have tried your suggestion, in addition to several others that are posted online, but nothing helps.

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you,

im using ubuntu device is ditected..but its not me to fix that prob

I tried doing says
Error: Could not find file /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446

says could not find the file

Facing same problem here. It is getting connected in Windows.

Ubuntu is detecting the device and not getting connected to internet.

Its coming like ths Error: Could not find file /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446

then go to the vpn settings and add ur tata photon + and at last u hv to use username and password! in those places type "internet"( in both the spaces)....thats how it works.......and i don know what to do if it doesnt get detected

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Thank You r right..i was struggling with the problem or long time.My system was detecting my device, but i didn't know wat should give in the place of 'Username' and 'Password'.Hence while connecting it was keep on showing that 'modem disconnected'..

But when i see 'Sandeep's' idea i just tired without any hope...but ..oh my god!! it worked...and im so happy.Even in Customer care also they didn't know the procedure and i'm not getting any proper response..but this is simply superppp...

So friends if your system detects ur device..then wat u should do is, You have to type 'internet' as ur username and password.

thank you

I am using Ubuntu 13.04. I have recently received a Tata Photon+ ZTE dongle. Drivers are not loaded and unable to connect. Can anyone help me how to install drivers and start using the dongle.

The steps for using Tata Photon+ on ubuntu are-

First connect tata photon on any windows machine. Open the device through Windows Explorer. Copy directory Linux and file install_linux from it on to any usb pendrive and then via it copy them into your home directory in Ubuntu. Now connect tata photon+ to ubuntu.

2.Open terminal and become root user

3.Change permissions as executable of file install_linux by command ''chmod 777 install_linux"

4.Run this file(which is a shell script) as ./install_linux

5.The script will run and then a prompt will appear.Press enter on the prompt

6.Follow some on screen instructions on terminal(if any)

7.After this is complete Photon+ will be installed at path /usr/local/Photon_Plus

8.Finally fire a command /usr/local/Photon_Plus/MobilePartner

9.This will pop the Tata Photon startup window same as in Windows through which you can Connect

Help for this is provided in readme file in the Linux directory

Hey! Good work bro. That worked for me. 100% Internet : Internet

Umm.. Sorry about that. Sandeep Nutakki. Your solution worked for me, bro. Thanks.

Thank you so much for the solution. It worked for me :)

How to go to terminal for typing $sudo usb_modeswitch -c /etc/usb_modeswitch.d/12d1:1446 - See more at:

Thanks for sharing useful information

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