How to make bootable USB/pen drive

Bootable USB or Pen drive can be used to install different Linux distributions and Windows operating system without making a bootable CD. Bootable USB or pen drive can be made in following ways -

1) Using UNetbootin: This is an open source project and cross platform. It can used on both Linux and Windows operating system to make a bootable USB. UNetbootin can be downloaded from here. Download the UNetbootin and install it. Open the application and plug the USB, now select the Linux based operating system ISO file from your computer and Click OK. It will make your pendrive bootable with the ISO selected.
Using Unetbootin to make bootable USB

2)Make Startup Disk: If you have Ubuntu installed in your system, you can make a bootable USB using the Startup Disk Creator utility. Select Make Starup Disk application in Ubuntu. In the appearing window, select the ISO file path and click on Make Startup Disk option. Make Startup Disk can also be used to make bootable USB for Windows operating system such as XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Make Startup Disk to create bootable pen drive in Ubuntu


hey after making this bootable pendrive...can we reuse it again as hard drive or not????
please help

I was created the stick using usb-creator and an "Ubuntu 15.04" 64-bit ISO, the resulting USB stick boots fine on both UEFI and non-UEFI system but Now i have also analys that we can also make boot able usb with poweriso

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