iOS on Android Tablet and Smartphone

iOS on an Android machines, a new tomfoolery/buffoonery  ragging on the internet.
Off late, I encountered with some deluding videos on the Youtube, claiming to port iOS on Android devices. I checked extensively for the validation of this theory and to no surprise, I concluded finding it to be an utter fail. So I request you all to not fall for these gimmicks and waste your precious time.

If you desire for an iOS eco-system which will bring you the partial feel of the iOS experience, here is a way to it:
Step 1: Download iOS Launcher from any of the Android App Stores.
Step 2: Run this launcher and get a new iOS look forthwith. The previous default launcher still holds up there, making it an option for you to pick of the two, time and again.


I have read the whole story and I think its all bullshit who is the dumb ass writer?!!!!
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